Our Story

It’s been a journey to bring savory meat pies to America – with our own personal twist and dedication to quality and service.


Our adventure began while growing up in beautiful South Africa – we always dreamed about opening a business together as a family. And here we are!

As a family growing up in South Africa we were exposed to many unique cuisines and influences, not only from our Scottish and Maltese parents but also from the British traditions that made it over to sunny South Africa.

Savory meat pies was a favorite and very much part of our upbringing. Fast forward a decade (or two) and after moving to America we missed the food we grew up with and couldn’t find locally. We came together in 2015 and established Pouch Pies in Georgia, our new home.

Settling in Georgia as our new home


Our goal - To bring something traditionally “different” to the table.

Over 5 years our following grew to not only expats who missed a taste of home, but a new fan club of meat pies all around the US.  


We opened our own USDA permitted pie manufacturing facility to get more pies to more people, partnering with restaurants and retailers to stock our pies.


American Pie Council National Championship winner for Best Pot Pie

American Pie Council National Championship winner for Best Pot Pie.

Winner at the Flavor of Georgia competition for our Chicken, Butternut, Leek& Thyme Pie

It has been a journey so far and we are grateful to our loyal customers and partners that have continued to support us along the way.

The origin

Meat pies, originating in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia – are slightly different to a “pot pie” here in the USA. You can find them served in pubs (often with a side of mash, gravy and mushy peas) or as a hand-held on-the-go food found at corner shops, food stands or sport stadiums.

It’s all in the ingredients

Our pies are hand-made in small batches using quality cuts of meat, fresh vegetables and herbs. Each pie is handled with care to produce a perfect combination of flaky pastry and flavorful fillings. We want you to enjoy these pies fresh out of your oven and explore the worldly flavors we invite into your kitchen.

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